Help Us Keep Maine
Rooted in Clean Water

With your support, we can continue to protect critical elements of our treasured Maine way of life—water, wildlife, and recreational access for all. Thank you for helping us build a strong foundation for lasting impacts in our neck of the woods.

There are many ways you can join the movement to protect our water, including:

Become a Business Partner

Forward-thinking businesses that recognize the importance of forests for their products and the well-being of their communities support our work in numerous ways. Join us by:

  • Making a donation that goes directly to conserving land.
  • Donating proceeds from sales of products.
  • Amplifying our messaging on social media.
  • Inviting us to an event to educate and interact with attendees.
  • Offering pro bono support in your field of expertise.
  • Planning an employee volunteer day with one of our partner organizations.
  • Proposing another creative way we can partner with you!

To support the future of your business and community, contact Sebago Clean Waters.

Learn how Portland-area businesses and organizations depend and thrive on clean water from Sebago Lake.

For information on the many economic benefits an intact, protected forest can provide, read our economic study An Economic Case for the Sebago Watershed Water & Forest Conservation Fund.