Help us protect Sebago’s clean water:

Maine has a beauty so real you can taste it.

The people of Greater Portland and their upstream neighbors in the Sebago Lake watershed savor it every day. The water they enjoy is so pure, it’s one of the few public supplies in the country that requires no filtration before treatment. This same source is the lifeblood of many Southern Maine businesses that provide statewide jobs and benefits. The forests that serve as the wellspring for these waters are the key to keeping them clean and maintaining the productivity of the working lands that they support. But with only 10% of this region conserved, the Sebago area represents one of the Northeast’s most vulnerable watersheds. We invite you to join in the conservation of this vital natural resource for ourselves, our children, and the generations to come. For all of us willing to protect the pure waters that the home we love depends upon—the future is clear.

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For more information:

Karen Young, Sebago Clean Waters Coordinator

Phone: 207.222.3114 Email:



Banner photo by Chris Pinchbeck/Aurora Photos