Who We Are

We are a collaborative of conservation organizations and a regional water utility (the Portland Water District) combining our resources, expertise, and experience to increase the pace of forest conservation in the Sebago Lake watershed.

Our partnership is fortunate to have the support of forward-thinking businesses who recognize the importance of clean water for their products and their communities. This support takes the form of proceeds from sales of goods, direct donations, and one-time grants. Contact us to discuss creative ways your organization can join us in protecting water quality, wildlife, and the Maine way of life!



Business and Non-Profit Contributors

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Work

Sebago Clean Waters is actively learning how the conservation movement—including our partnership—has been complicit in perpetuating injustice in our country and in the land and water conservation sector. We are engaged in learning about the history and present-day inequities within conservation organizations. While we have just begun, we are committed to being part of positive and lasting change that will lead to more equitable, just, diverse, and inclusive professional networks and conservation processes and outcomes.

We are also continually evaluating and evolving our internal culture. One step in this process was developing agreements to guide us in how we interact, communicate, and work together. All team members engaged in a months-long process that consisted of background reading, exercises, and discussions that resulted in the five agreements below. We read these aloud at the beginning of each of our Steering Committee meetings and strive to follow them in all of our work. Click on the graphic for a more thorough explanation of each agreement.